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Average No. of Nits in Hair
Days Per Week
No. of Eggs Produced
Per Day
No. of Times Head Lice
Feed Per Day
Head Lice Removal
  • Have you been struggling to get rid of hair lice & nits?
  • Have you spent hundreds of dollars on combs, chemical
    based hair treatments, sprays and shampoo's & the problem
    still continues?
  • Have you restorted to trying hair colours, hair straightners &
    toxic substances to try and get kill the nits & live louse?
If you have answered yes to any of these
questions then STOP!!!!!
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There’s no need to replace your furniture, or your bed linen.
However, we do highly recommend the following:
  • Vacuum rugs/carpeting, upholstered furniture, throws & pillows.
  • Wash bedding in hot water and place in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes.
  • Put combs, brushes, hair accessories in a sealed bag and freeze for 24 hours, or alternatively, clear the hair first and place in a tub of boiling water with a few teaspoons of dettol or any antiseptic. Use shampoo & a nail brush to then give them a good wash.
  • Make sure you vacuum your car - especially the head rests.
  • It is not necessary to fumigate your home or spray pesticides in your bed, but a nice clean, vacuumed house will help you feel better & possibly pick up any strands of hair which might have small nits attached to them.
Head Lice Treatment
Hair lice and nits are no respector of persons. It can happen to anyone, at any time, despite your age, colour, size or social standing.

Did you know that lice have no wings & they cannot jump or fly?
 Nits Removal
As responsible adults, there's a number of important things we can do to get on top of it.
Nits Removal and Treatment
Everyone has options and hopefully, with the right help, and the right tools we'll eradicate the problem in no time.
  • Testimonial

    We had never had head lice before and I have a really thick head of long dark hair. So even if I could have gotten my 4 year old daughter to sit still for me so I could clear her hair(which was totally not happening) there was no way i would’ve been able to get through my own. By the time we made it to Janine we were pretty frustrated and cranky but within 5 minutes of being with her and her family were e relaxed and calm and my daughter sat perfectly straight and still for an hour and a half! while Janine combed through her hair. We both walked out nit free and completely blown away by the welcoming kindness we experienced there. Thank-you so much Janine and family. You are just so Lovely.

    • Michelle
  • Testimonial

    Thank you Janine for such concern and caring in my ongoing battle with nits, you have to be one of the most professional and thorough people I know, After nearly 15 years of on and off nits it got to the stage it was ruining my life, you were the one who made a difference to my life and I am forever in your debt. Janine made me realise that after her wonderful treatment that I can now control nits in my children from home, what a life saver. Thank you Janine and thank you for the warmth and welcome I also got from your terrific family.

    • Kristine